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Gluten Free Diet Review

The gluten free diet is certainly not a diet to go in the ’stick to it to lose weight’ category.

It’s firmly in the ‘balance of food you eat’ usage of the word ‘diet.’

A gluten free regime is the main cure, if not the only cure, for the symptoms of coeliac disease.

These symptoms include tiredness lethargy, nausea, cramps and diarrhea.

It’s a permanent condition, which concerns the walls of the intestine.

A healthy person has strands called villi, which stick out from the walls of the intestine to help absorbtion of nutrients, but in coeliac sufferer they are flattened, and it’s this that causes the problems.

That’s the medical lesson out of the way!

I thought I’d cover that because it’s important to realise why some people follow gluten free diets.

It certainly is not a fad diet,just like Optifast Diet Program. it’s a permanent lifestyle change, and not one of choice either – nobody *wants* to follow a gluten free program.

It’s not easy to follow any any means, as ‘gluten free’ has to mean totally gluten free, and many many foods must be forever wiped off the list.

Yes, it’s possible to come up with specially prepared products, and specially devised recipes, but the dangers of finding gluten are all around, and vigilance is called for at all times.

Even a small amount of gluten can make a coeliac sufferer quite unwell.

The gluten free diet is often thought to be the same as the wheat free diet.

It isn’t, they’re different, as there a many wheat free products that contain gluten, and some gluten free products that contain wheat.

It seems a surprise to me that with the advance of medical knowledge, there is still a debate about whether oats are allowed.

I would have thought an answer would be definitely one way or the other, but it appears to be a grey area, the main concern being whether the oats are pure or not.


So, if you’re after a diet for weight loss, this isn’t for you – it really is a medical regime for sufferers of coeliac disease only, so don’t put yourself through the difficulties of it unless you have to.