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Having Vitiligo and Avoiding Pain

There would be not any single person in this world who would like awkwardness, discomfort, pain and uncomfortable in his life when he/she has got this kind of white spots on skin. Do you? Probably there are few (very few rather) who have learned how to deal with awkwardness, discomfort and pain that life gives. Well, you can put me in this category.

You would be thinking why these feelings don’t matter to me or why I love to deal with them? Actually you are able to learn several things through these feelings. I wanted to be a healthiest person and started working to achieve optimal health.

Probably the main reason of becoming healthy was to avoid Vitiligo in my life or to get affected by this widely spreading disease at the moment.

An exercise program was then selected by me whom I started initially as three times a week. Actually I live in San Francisco Bay Area and therefore hiking is my regular habit year around. This habit helped me a lot in losing weight but I regained pigmentation (especially on my hands). Though it helped me in gaining lean muscle mass, but some parts of my legs lost pigmentation, and some Vitiligo spots also became evident in different areas on my chest (which were not there previously). I am also used to do Yoga on daily basis and now I feel fit and healthy.

Though I feel little discomfort as well as pain by doing these exercises but eventually it helps me keeping myself fit. This discomfort and pain obviously were necessary for me only if it was my intention to remain in shape.

All other areas of my life are also evident to this same pattern. Actually the growth in these areas requires me to experience discomfort socially (particularly in my every day life and in relationships).

There was an amazing realization in my mind (not that far in my past). I suddenly realized that I didn’t keep Vitiligo in my mind while I was busy in keeping myself healthy and fit for several months. I totally ignored the lack of pigmentation while I was busy in shaving myself which became evident eventually on my neck as well as around my mouth. Even it spreads all over my face but I didn’t worry about. I regularly went on dates and never brought a single thought in my mind that what someone would think about me. I only see me whenever I see my reflection in my window glass and totally ignore my disease Vitiligo. The disease is really nothing to me.