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What is Meant by Mitosis

When answering the question what is mitosis, we shall examine what is meant by the term mitosis and all the things that are associated with it. The first thing that we shall do when answering the question what is mitosis, is to look at the process in detail. It should be noted that mitosis is not a disease it should not be looked at as such. Mitosis is a process, by which a cell divides into two. It is the process of the eukaryotic cells separating its cell nucleus chromosomes into two identical but separate nuclei. When the cell divided, it will split into two identical, equal shares.

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In most cases, the question is answered as the division of the mother cell into two daughter cells that are identical. This process is also usually described as the M phase or the Mototoc Phase of the cell cycle. The cells that are produced at the end are identical to both each other and their parent cell. It is also vital to note that the process of mitosis usually accounts for 10% of the cycle of cells. When answering the question what is mitosis, it is vital to point out that it is a process that only occurs in what are referred to as eukaryotic cells.

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The process occurs in different species, and it is different in each case. For the case of animals, they go through what is called an open mitosis. Here, the breakdown of the nuclear occurs before the separation of the chromosomes. On the other hand, in fungi, there is what is called a closed mitosis. Here, the division of the chromosomes happens in a cell nucleus that is intact. Cells that lack a nucleus or Prokaryotic cells divide through a process that is referred to as binary fusion. It is, therefore, noted that mitosis is for eukaryotic cells (cells with a nucleus), while binary fusion is for prokaryotic cells or cells without a nucleus.

When answering the question, it is extremely essential to understand that it is an extremely difficult process that is not easy to understand. The process takes place in phases and usually the completion of one stage leads to another. According to actforlibraries, the stages of mitosis are interphase, which then leads to prophase, which then leads to prometaphase, which leads to metaphase, which leads to anaphase, which leads to the final stage called the telophase. The actual division of the cell takes place in cytokinesis and it is at this stage that the two daughter cells are produced. The daughter cells that are produced are then referred to as diploid cells.

When answering the question what is mitosis, it is vital that it be noted that this process is extremely essential for the maintenance of chromosomes. Without mitosis, cells would die off and the body would not be able to function properly.

All in all, it should be noted that contrary to belief, mitosis is not a disease. It does not, therefore, have any symptoms. Rather, it is a natural process that causes the division of cells and, thus, the sustenance of the cell cycle.